Book Here for Art Quilting Techniques

Tuesdays – Art Quilting Techniques

10 – 2pm $25 workshop $5 supplies

Painting outside the lines, over the lines and inside the lines is ok at this workshop.

Develop your creative skills with art quilts. Be guided by Sherrie to combine a variety of techniques. Start with a Stencil design on silk, gutta the silk and dye the silk with a background wash using a variety of colours. Embellish with free motion quilting, inktense pencils, foils and buttons.

Dates available 20 Jan, 3, 10, 17, 24 Feb

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Book Here for Paint Textile Mandalas

Wednesdays – Paint Textile Mandalas

10 – 2pm $25 workshop $5 supplies

A mandala is a circular design that has many meanings to who you are and can be created through many textile mediums that explore paint, piecing, applique, colour and design that is particular to you.

The mandalas can be worked onto a variety of fabrics.

There are 2 design ways of producing mandalas during these workshops. One is paper folding technique and the others are designed from a cd design program.

Dates available 21, 28 Jan and 4, 11, 18 and 25 Feb

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Book Here for Paint Flowers and Leaves on Cotton Poplin

Thursdays – Paint Flowers and Leaves on Cotton Poplin

10 – 2pm $25 workshop $5 supplies

For those who love flowers and leaves this is for you.

Paint on Prepared for dyeing cotton poplin fabric.

Using designs from a professional photographer USA.

These projects will be an A4 size.

Learn to identify colours in the photo and how to blend and apply paints.

Dates available 22, 29 Jan and 5, 12, 19 and 26 Feb

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Book Here for Paint on Silk Scarves

Friday – Paint on Silk Scarves

10 – 2pm $25 workshop $5 supplies

Learn lots of techniques that will include transferring a design, applying gutta resist, applying salt and sugar to create movement. Draw with rubbing alcohol. Have fun creating a unique scarf that will be admired by all your friends and family.

Take a sampler of silk away with all the techniques you have played with during the day.

Dates available 23, 30 Jan and 13, 20 27 Feb

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Numbers and Form for Textile Mandalas

Explore some of the meanings behind the Mandala.

The colour in mandalas expresses your innermost thoughts, feelings, intuitions, even your physical sensations.

1 State of mind
2 Relationship – lovers form a pair
3 Vitality, energy & motion
4 Balance, wholeness & completion
5 Natural wholeness, nature
6 Creativity, perfection & equilibrium
7 Mysticism, 7 colours in the rainbow
8 Stability, harmony & rebirth, resembles infinity
9 Precede anew & simpler unity
10 Perfection, morality & realism
11 Transition, conflict & challenge to find balance
12 Cosmic order, herculean tasks & salvation
12 Faithlessness, betrayal & unfortunate endings

Form for Mandalas

circle Encloses a space – inside circles is protected strengthened & delimited
Cross Human body – tree – mountain – ladder
drops Nourishing, filling lakes & streams – tears
Eye understanding
Flowers Fulfilment of a goal or task
Hands Takes hold, create & reach out
Heart Love or relationships
Infinity Unlimited time, space & number
Rainbow Celebration of coming through a dart time
Spiral Flow of psychic energy
Star Proclaims your identity
Tree Symbol of lire, ever abundant & self-renewing
Triangle Dynamism, direction, both male and female
Web New cycle of growth

The seasons give a good introduction to colour pallets.

Spring Pastels, pink, lavenders & yellows
Summer Rich greens & gold
Autumn Dark earthy
Winter Dark grey, black & white


Purple Top of head
Indigo Head between eyes
Blue throat
Green Near heart
yellow Solar plexus
Orange Few inches below navel
Red Base of spine

Both the same design with different split complementary colours.


The above information is from Susanne F Fincher’s book, Creating Mandalas.

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